Consent to Alter

The ability to alter your premises is defined by the terms of your lease.

One of our aims is to manage the Estate for the long term benefit of all our occupiers and through this approach to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the area.  An important part of this is looking after your building and supporting you as a tenant as best we can.

The ability to alter your home is defined by the terms of your lease.

In general terms alterations will be prohibited without landlord’s consent having first been obtained, or in some cases, the terms of a lease may prohibit alterations altogether.  (Lease prohibitions can cover anything from minor changes to a full refurbishment).  Please refer to your lease to see what restrictions there may be.

If Cadogan’s consent to your proposals is necessary you will need to make an application for a Licence to Alter.  The relevant attached guidelines are provided to help you produce the necessary information so that your application can be considered swiftly.

If you require further information please contact Geeta Chandra of the Building Surveying Team on:

Estate Guidelines for Licences for Alterations
Cable Installation Criteria
Cable TV and Dishes Guidance
Special Event Displays
Guidance Note for Hardwood Floors  

Consent to Alter