When moving into your new home, or departing at the end of your tenancy, our team will be in contact and explain what happens. In the meantime the following provides guidance.

An important part of managing the Estate is ensuring that the properties themselves are properly insured*. By using one insurance provider who are one of the leading insurers in the UK, Cadogan aim to offer a first class service, breadth of cover and terms.

How do I find out about what is covered?

A full copy of the wording is available from your Managing Agent or our Insurance Manager (see below).

*It is important to note that no cover is provided for your personal contents or possessions. This must be separately arranged by yourselves

About Insurance Valuations

We commission professional valuers to undertake regular revaluation of our properties and issue a Certificate of Value for insurance purpose.  This is sent out to each head lessee who is then invited to adjust the sum insured in line with the valuation.  This is a service provided by Cadogan and is undertaken to ensure that our lessees are insured for an adequate amount.

Who do I contact?

Enquiries should initially be directed to our Insurance Manager (see below). In an event of a claim you may be contacted directly by our insurer (Zurich) or by the loss adjuster (VRS Vericlaim).

Useful Contact Details:

Cadogan Estate Insurance Manager
Julie Bell
0207 8811026

Cadogan Estate Insurers
Currently Zurich Insurance plc
For policy enquiries or adjustments - 020 8722 5082
For Claims enquiries or notification - 01252 387254 (out of hours helpline 0800 0567 999)

Loss Adjusters
VRS Vericlaim UK Ltd
020 7709 4040

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